turtles return to the mother ship

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Music is the answer

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coachella: knock knock

me: who's there

coachella: not you


after 26.2 miles, she still looks just as beautiful. congratulations on another marathon mum, you’re absolutely amazing and I can’t imagine life without you. we had a guardian angel protecting our family today. the bombs went off a minute after my mother crossed the finish line and myself and the rest of my family were very close to the area. it was terrifying, but in those minutes I thought I’d lost my mother and my best friend forever, I realized just how precious life is. I thought I might never get to see her again and all I could think about was “how can I go on without her” and “I should’ve said I love you more”. I realized that life can be taken from you at any moment and you need to remind others of how much you care about them every single day. A guardian angel was watching over our family today. thank you for keeping us safe and congrats on another great finish mum, I love you so much.

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typos are so dangerous like i could write ‘i hate everything’ which is accurate but i could also accidentally type ‘i ate everything’ which is also accurate probably

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